What is MailProtect?

MailProtect has been designed to protect your local infrastructure by efficiently filtering all incoming mail while still allowing your organisation to create custom filtering rules and/or devolve a degree of individual user control.

Using multiple scanning products significantly enhances the system's ability to recognise new and existing dangers and protect your organisation's email users from 'zero hour' attacks. It also helps ensure that users are protected against a wide range of threats as well as offensive images and general spam or bulk mail. Emails which are trapped by the active filters are held in quarantine and can be released if necessary.

A dedicated web site enables system administrators to create custom rules and manage blocked messages for your organisation, set sensitivity levels, and access reports.

MailProtect is underpinned by the combined technology of three world-class filtering engines (Cloudmark, Sophos and Cyren (formerly Commtouch)) to provide the highest level of anti-threat defence.

What is MailProtect?

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