Protecting your organisation's network from a range of threats relies on stringent security measures. Strong email defence systems are crucial as most cyber threats are received by email. MailProtect harnesses the strength of three market-leading technologies to offer round-the-clock protection against email-borne viruses that can quickly infect connected devices and network servers. It also protects against malware, fraud and phishing, as well as filtering general spam and unwanted bulk mail.

MailProtect offers a hosted 'software as a service' solution that removes the need to manage complex, locally installed software, and its typically costly hardware, freeing technical staff to undertake other essential work. The service aims to provide a relatively 'low footprint' and unobtrusive solution for your organisation. It is designed to be a virtually 'fit and forget' solution that naturally evolves in response to global threats without placing constant demands on the users.

MailProtect comes with a set of features designed to let your organisation exercise a high degree of control over blocked emails and overall system management, whilst benefiting from a service partner experienced in enterprise-scale email delivery and security.

MailProtect is a sophisticated email filtering system which has been created by Atomwide, a managed IT services provider with over 25 years' experience of developing and supporting technical services.


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